What and where is Chicopolitan?

Hello fellow fashion lovers and trendsetters! My name is Amber and I am the creator of Chicoplotian. I would like to introduce you to my world of chic and awesome. I am sure you are wondering what Chicopolitan is besides “another fashion blog,” and what it’s all about. Chicopolitan is a growing metropolitan city of all things creative and free. The idea behind Chicopolitan is based on a euphoria of fashion. Fashion is a sense creativity and being chic has become an adjective for how effortless someones style is. Chicopolitan is the fashion metropolitan in your head that I want to bring to life. The citizens of Chicopolitan are lovers of all things creative and expressive. Being chic is not a stereotype or trend. Chic is how you express your personal style. I want you to always be chic because it means to always be you. Being yourself is how you become/are chic. Chicopolitan citizens love all art forms. Anyone can join Chicopolitan, bring a friend and explore what Chicopolitan has for the inner fashionista in all of us!


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