5 Tips On Developing Your Personal Style!


Personal Style is a term you may hear often. Developing personal style can be intimidating for some. I know that at one point I would question my personal style. These 5 tips are what I live by to stay true to my personal style!

  1. Find your happy colors and stick to them!  Pay attention to the colors that give you a glow and subconsciously make you happy while wearing. When i say glow, I mean  brighten your face and not overpower your complexion. You want colors that compliment and neutralize your complexion.
  2. Choose clothing that looks good on you! A short cut on how to choose clothing for yourself is to first make sure it fits comfortably. Comfortable meaning not too tight and not too loose. If you are unsure on if an item will look good on you or fit in your wardrobe, try it on! Many women HATE to try on clothing, including myself but it is the best way to know if you want to buy an item or not. When trying it on, think to yourself, does it flatter this area of my body?, What’s in my closet that can be worn with this item?   You can also try shopping based on what style challenges you have. If you are bottom heavy and want to cover up, you may want to find clothing that will balance your top with your bottom. For bottom heavy women, flare jeans with a detailed top will draw attention up instead of to your bum.
  3. Be aware of your personal style “IT” factor! Personal style is created by using external things to express your personality. External things meaning clothing, hair, makeup, jewelry, shoes or bags. Some women love buying a particular style of clothing and others lean towards a variety of one item, such as shoes. What item or styles help define your personality?  Do you seem to always buy creative shoes or like your jewelry modest with a more laid back feel. Embrace your “IT” factor.
  4. Embrace your flaws! learn to use them as a guide for your personal style. Whatever you feel is getting on the way of your personal style, embrace it and find ways to accept them. You may not like how large your bust is and that is ok. There are many ways to help camouflage and play up your shape so that you will accept the size of your bust.
  5. PUSH THROUGH WITH CONFIDENCE! Always have confidence. Confidence is not arrogance. Being confident is being sure of yourself and exerting positive energy through being happy with yourself. Be confident in those shoes, be confident your outfit looks  best on you! Your confidence and personality will always shine through no matter what you wear! Don’t forget to smile! 🙂

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