How I Kept My Cheap Shoes For Years!

blackbirdFall and winter can take a toll on your footwear depending on where you live. I reside in Philly where we experience all seasons. I’m a fan of the crisp fall weather but not of the snow winter brings. Many of my shoes won’t last through the winter because of the snow and other weather issues and because they are faux materials. Textures and fabrics of footwear can get tricky when it comes to up keep. Faux patent leathers, faux suede/ velvet and faux leather are a bulk of the materials my shoes are. I am very hard on my shoes and have learned a few things on how to keep my shoes in great condition for years. These are a few useful tips and tricks that I hope will help you as they have helped me! 💋

Gather some useful tools.
Yes tools, things that will be used over and over to keep and seven repair some of your shoes. Tools I recommend
• a micro fiber cloth or lint free cloth
• Black sharpie or other colors of shoes you have
• Suede brush or tooth brush
• Water Repellent shoe spray
• sponge
• shoe fillers or a thick inexpensive paper like news paper

What are these tools for?
Now let’s break it down. The first thing you should know is a little information about faux materials vs real materials. In short, faux material can be more cost effective in buying and up keep. Real materials will need more professional care and experimental cleaning can cause damage to your real leather or suede.

Cleaning Faux leather– You want to always stuff your shoes when you aren’t wearing them and store in a cool dry place. You should wipe your shoes with a soft cloth and water. Anything else to clean your faux leather will damage it. To help protect your faux leather shoes you can wipe a light coat of olive oil or baby oil on them to keep them resistant to most water and stains.

Cleaning Faux Suede and velvet– Faux Suede and Faux velvet are similar in appearance and feel. You want to start by using a suede brush or tooth brush to get off dust and debris. If you have stains, you can use a simple solution of equal parts water and vinegar and spot clean in a circular motion. Let them air dry.

For all shoes– shoes should be stored in a cool dry space and protected with plastic or dust bag. Stuffing your shoe boots and heels will help to keep the shape and avoid creasing. You can use the sharpie to cover scrapes from wear.

To keep your shoes from staining after cleaning and prior to wearing for the first time, I recommend spraying with Kiwi Protect all fabric spray.



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