“Don’t Break The Bank!” – Fanny Packs!

Chicopolitan will be doing a weekly segment called “Don’t Break The Bank!” This weekly post will highlight a trend or style that is loved by may but just may cost us more than or bi weekly salaries can handle!

This week, I wanted to highlight fanny packs! Yes, the fanny pack. Fanny packs are convenient and comfortable but not so much fashionable. Lately fashion has put it’s twist on the fanny pack and I want to give you some pocket friendly options! I was drawn to the fanny pack when I saw a picture of Rapper turned CEO Rasheeda. You may know her from Love and Hiphop Atlanta or as Rasheeda the rapper from the A. I love how she styles her everyday fashion. One day she posted a picture with this bomb Stella McCartney waist belt bag/fanny pack and I was in love! I searched to see how much the fanny pack was and my pockets cried out “You can’t afford that” lol. The bag is priced at $1, 210! So I went on a little search to find some more affordable and just as fashionable fanny packs! I also added a picture of my style sistah Aminah for some inspiration on wearing a fanny pack. Check them out. Links below!

Stella McCartney Faux Nappa Fanny Pack 


Shopping Links!








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